Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucky Shamrocks (Massachusetts)

Official website for Game

Single Ticket:
Cost: $2
Chances of at least breaking even:
21.1% (~4.7 to 1)

Optimal Chances:
Buying 2 ticket(s)
Cost: $4
Chances of at least breaking even:
23.5% (~4.3 to 1)

Median Prizes
(half the time prizes will be less than this amount, half the time it will be more)
10 tickets ($20): $8
100 tickets ($200): $115
1,000 tickets ($2,000): $1331

**Since only a finite number of scratch tickets were printed, overall odds used and number of winners may vary based on manufacturer's omissions, unsold tickets, reorders and unclaimed prizes.

(up to 10 tickets, 100 and 1,000)
(click to see enlarged)

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